• Lag Baomer BBQJoin us for a delightful Lag Baomer BBQ together with family and friends! RSVP
  • Bagels, Lox & TefillinBagels, Lox & Tefillin Men's Club is an opportunity for Jewish men and boys over the age of 13 to wrap tefillin - with a great Jewish breakfast too!
Chabad of Traverse City is directed by Rabbi Laibel and Chaya Shemtov and was established in 2023.

We aim to provide an authentic Jewish experience to the hundreds of Jews who live in Traverse City throughout the year and to the many who visit during the summer months. Whether at a Shabbat dinner in our home, a synagogue service, Torah class or children’s program, you will find a vibrant community with whom to celebrate your heritage.
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  • Torah: The Great AntidoteLife Lessons From the Parshah - Bechukotai Read More
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At first, there was punishment. There were prophets who warned the people—for there is no punishment without warning. There were people who understood what they were doing and did it anyways—for there is no punishment without conscious intent. And so, up to and including the destruction of the First Temple, there was punishment. But then came a time when there were no prophets to provide due warning. And rare was the man who had the power of mind to intentionally sin. The suffering that occurred then, since the time of the Second Temple, cannot be called punishment. Instead it is called...
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